How are appendectomies performed?

Doctors perform appendectomies through two to three very small incisions in the belly. Doctors give people medicine so they will sleep through the whole procedure. Depending on what type of appendectomy is done, there may just be one small cut. Doctors then remove the appendix. This leaves a small hole in the large intestine, which doctors close with stitches. After that they close the hole in the belly. All in all, the surgery takes around an hour.

The majority of appendectomies are performed laparoscopically with small incisions and a camera, resulting in less pain and quicker recovery time. The procedure normally takes between 30 minutes to one hour, although in infrequent cases, it can take longer and require conversion to an open procedure. As a result of these advanced techniques, some patients can go home the same day, and others go home the next day.

If the appendix has ruptured, a warm water solution mixed with antibiotics will be used to wash out the inside of the abdomen. A catheter will then be placed to drain any fluid that builds up. Sometimes, with a rupture, the surgeon will only close the muscle layers and leave the skin open. The open skin wound will then be packed with a moist gauze dressing.

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