The Perfect 70-Calorie Snack

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The Perfect 70-Calorie Snack

Next time a late-afternoon snack fit attacks you, grab this perfect little 70-calorie snack: a hard-boiled egg.

Not only are eggs a great source of hunger-dampening protein, but new research shows that they're full of good-for-you antioxidants, too.

Eggs: The Perfect Food
Researchers at the University of Alberta recently sleuthed out the health benefits of eggs' antioxidants. They examined egg yolks produced by hens fed typical diets of primarily wheat or corn and discovered two amino acids lurking in the yellow centers: tryptophan and tyrosine. These two amino acids happen to have powerful antioxidant properties -- the kind that could reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. And after analysis, the scientists discovered that two cooked egg yolks, like those found in hard-boiled eggs, provide about the same antioxidant power as an apple.

Here are three more benefits of eggs: