Are there any risks associated with receiving Gemzar?

Cancers treated by Gemzar (gemcitabine) are life-threatening. Before prescribing Gemzar, you and your doctor will consider if the side effects and possible complications posed by using Gemzar outweigh the risks of not being treated. Gemzar works to destroy cancer cells and may destroy normal cells as well, leading to suppression of function in the bone marrow, liver and kidneys. White blood cell count and blood platelets could decrease leading to increased susceptibility to infection and reduction in the ability of blood to clot. Fetal harm may occur in pregnant women who are treated with Gemzar. Also, cases of capillary leak syndrome have been reported in people taking Gemzar. This condition causes blood plasma to leak into muscles and body cavities, and can lead to organ failure or even death. Some people taking Gemzar have developed posterior reversible encephalopathy, a syndrome that can cause headache, seizures, extreme tiredness, high blood pressure, confusion, blindness, and other visual and neurologic problems.

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