Is Imitrex used for treating migraines?

Steven A. Meyers, MD
Diagnostic Radiology
Imitrex (generic name sumatriptan) is a prescription migraine abortive medication. It is used to stop a migraine once it has started. It is available as a tablet, nasal spray, and injection. It is very important to take all abortive medications as quickly as possible after a migraine has started for maximum effectiveness.
Imitrex can and should be taken as soon as your migraine symptoms appear. Although you have been using the injection form for many years you should verify with your doctor or nurse if you are administering it correctly. Typically you are able to administer a second injection if your headache returns; however, never exceed more than 2 injections within 24 hours, and be sure to wait 1 hour between each dose. If you are not getting relief you may want to explore other options with your doctor, to help reduce the incidence and recurrence of your migraines.

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