Can I split tablets of Diovan HCT to save money?

Although it may seem like a good way to save money or make your medicine last longer, you should not split your tablets of the blood pressure drug Diovan HCT (valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide). Splitting your pills results in a lower dose, which could cause your blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels, raising your risk for heart attack, stroke or other serious health problems. Your doctor can tell you whether he or she can prescribe a dose that's twice as high as the one you need, so that you can take half a pill daily.

Take Diovan HCT exactly as your doctor prescribes. Do not take more or less, or take it more or less frequently than your doctor prescribes. If you are worried about the cost of Diovan HCT or any of your medicines, talk to your doctor and pharmacist. There may be safe options that are less expensive.

Diovan HCT was not designed to be split in half. There are other blood pressure medications available, including generic products that usually do not cost as much. Tell your doctor if you are having trouble affording your medication, and ask if you can switch to something less expensive.

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