When should I use pilocarpine eye inserts?

Stacy Wiegman, PharmD
Pharmacy Specialist

You should use pilocarpine inserts at night before you go to bed, unless your doctor tells you differently. After you first use pilocarpine eye inserts, you may notice that your vision is blurred and you may not see as well close up or far away, especially at night. If you insert them in your eye during the day, you should avoid driving and operating heavy machinery because you will not be able to see clearly. 

Can I use pilocarpine while pregnant or breastfeeding?
If you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, make sure that the doctor prescribing pilocarpine knows. The doctor will help determine whether the benefits of using the medication are greater than any risk to your baby. Also, talk to your doctor about using pilocarpine before breastfeeding. Your doctor may want to monitor your baby for signs of chemical exposure.

Can children use pilocarpine?
Your child should be able to use pilocarpine for eyes, but you should first talk to your child's doctor to obtain a prescription. The medication should not produce side effects in your child that are different than those in adults. Still, talk to your child's doctor about the risk and benefits of using pilocarpine to treat a condition.

Can my elderly parents use pilocarpine?
Your elderly parents should be able to use pilocarpine for their eyes when used as directed by the doctor who wrote the prescription. It should not affect them any differently than someone younger. Talk to your parents' doctor about their condition, medical history and current medications before they take pilocarpine.

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