What should I know about Combigan before using it?

Before using Combigan (brimonidine, timolol maleate combination ophthalmic solution), you should know that it reduces ocular (eye) pressure and prevents further damage to the eye and optic nerve caused by ocular hypertension, but it will not reverse any damage already present. If left untreated, ocular hypertension can lead to optic nerve damage and permanent (partial or total) vision loss. This is called glaucoma.

You should make sure that your doctor knows if you are allergic to either brimonidine (Alphagan) or timolol (Timoptic, Cosopt). Tell your doctor if you have used an MAO inhibitor, such as isocarboxazid (Marplan) or rasagiline (Asilect) in the last 14 days. Tell you doctor if you have asthma; slow heartbeats; serious chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); heart disease or heart failure; a heart condition named "AV block"; depression; thyroid disease; diabetes; circulation or blood vessel problems; muscle disorders, such as myasthenia gravis; a history of fainting; high or low blood pressure; eye infection, other eye conditions or are using another beta-blocker eye drop. These conditions might prompt your doctor to adjust the dose, change the medication or conduct certain tests.

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