How should I use butoconazole nitrate?

Butoconazole nitrate, a vaginal cream used to treat yeast infections, is usually used at bedtime. As indicated on the prescription label, peel back the protective foil and remove the prefilled applicator. Applicator is designed to be used with the tip in place. While holding the applicator firmly, pull the ring back to fully extend the plunger. Gently insert the applicator into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go, while lying on your back with your knees spread apart and lifted upward. After pushing the plunger and releasing the butoconazole nitrate, withdraw the applicator, discard it, and wash your hands. After washing your hands, lie back down and try to avoid getting up again. Although it's okay to use a sanitary napkin to protect your clothing, a tampon should not be used because it can absorb the medication. You should continue using butoconazole nitrate for the entire time period instructed by your doctor, even if your symptoms improve and even during your menstrual period.

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