What should I know about metoclopramide before taking it?

You should consider some factors before taking metoclopramide. This medication can cause a severe movement condition called tardive dyskinesia, and it can be permanent. The risk increases in individuals using high dosages, the elderly, women, diabetics, and those who take the medication for a long time. Metoclopramide should typically be taken for no longer than 12 weeks. Inform your doctor immediately if you have muscle problems in your arms, legs, tongue, mouth or jaw, or face. You should not stop taking this medication abruptly unless you check with the doctor because you may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, dizziness, or headaches. Before you start taking metoclopramide, tell your doctor if you are; pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breast-feeding; taking any other prescription, over-the-counter medication, herbal substance or dietary supplement; or taking another form of metoclopramide. Also inform the doctor if you have; allergies; a history of mental or mood conditions such as thoughts or actions regarding suicide; a history of asthma; heart failure; diabetes; blood problems or high blood pressure; Parkinson disease; kidney or liver problems; breast cancer; epilepsy; adrenal gland issues; intestinal bleeding; or low levels of an enzyme called methemoglobin reductase.

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