What is the best way to take pramlintide?

Pramlintide is available as a solution that you inject under your skin (subcutaneously). Before you inject yourself, make sure that you are using a new needle and syringe; that the area you will be injecting has been correctly cleaned (usually with alcohol swabs); and that the solution is clear, not cloudy. Do not ever mix pramlintide with insulin, and do not use the same syringe or needle to inject the two medications. Never share your pramlintide with someone else, even if you use different needles. There is a risk of transmitting bloodborne diseases if you share it. Pramlintide works best when injected in the abdomen or upper leg (thigh). Do not inject it into your arm. If you have any questions about how to correctly inject pramlintide, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. They will be able to help you.

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