What are the side effects of Avandamet?

Side effects from Avandamet (rosiglitazone and metformin) range from minor to the life-threatening, so be sure to bring any side effects you experience to your doctor's attention. If you have an allergic reaction to Avandamet, seek emergency help right away. Signs of an allergy include: breathing difficulty, an itchy rash, hives or swelling on your face or in your mouth or throat. Other serious side effects that require immediate care include: an increased risk for heart attack and other cardiac problems, flu-like symptoms (fever and chills); rapid swelling or weight gain; shortness of breath; chest pain or pressure; pain in your shoulder or arm; excessive sweating or nausea; skin symptoms, such as peeling, redness and blistering; jaundice accompanied by darkened urine; clay-colored bowel movements; lack of appetite; a low-grade fever; and stomach pain with nausea. Common and less worrisome side effects include: cold symptoms (runny nose and cough), muscle or back pain, joint pain and mild diarrhea. In general, if you experience any unusual or concerning symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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