What should I know about Novolin N Innolet before taking it?

Before using Novolin N Innolet (insulin human isophane) , you should be aware of the following:
  • Novolin N Innolet should be considered one part of a comprehensive diabetes program. You will also need to monitor your diet, weight, exercise, feet, eyes, and teeth, and test your blood sugar regularly as directed by your doctor.
  • This medication requires ongoing monitoring by your doctor; do not miss any scheduled appointments.
  • While this medication can be used for children, special adjustments and precautions may be necessary.                   
  • You will need to monitor your blood sugar regularly while using Novolin N Innolet. Be careful not allow your blood sugar get too low or high; be aware of the symptoms of both conditions and be prepared to treat them. (Have access to additional insulin supplies and appropriate food or snacks to help maintain your blood sugar.)
  • Never share injection needles or cartridges, to avoid risk of HIV or hepatitis.
  • Before starting Novolin N Innolet, tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease or if you take any other diabetes medication.
  • Change the injection site each time you use Novolin N Innolet.
  • Always follow your doctor's instructions exactly on how and when to use insulin and how to dispose of injection equipment.

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