How should I take Lantus Solostar?

Lantus Solostar, an insulin glargine injection pen used to treat diabetes, should be used once a day as directed. Take unused pens out of the refrigerator an hour or two before using. Always look at the label before injecting, to make sure you have the right insulin. Wash your hands before using Lantus Solostar. Then follow these directions:

1. Affix a new needle to the Lantus Solostar pen.

2. Conduct the safety test: Turn the dial on the pen to 2 units of insulin. Remove the outer and inner needle caps. With the needle pointing up, gently tap the insulin reservoir to make any air bubbles rise to the needle. Push the injection button completely. Insulin should come out of the needle. If it does not, check for air bubbles and repeat the safety test twice more to eliminate them. If insulin does not come out of the needle on the third try, replace the needle.

3. Turn the dial to your proper dose.

4. Insert the needle into the skin of your thigh, abdomen, or upper arm. Push the injection button completely and hold for a slow count of 10 before withdrawing the needle.

5. Replace the outer needle cap and use it to unscrew the needle. Discard the needle properly and replace the pen cap.


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