How can I minimize the side effects of miglitol?

You can minimize the side effects of miglitol (Glyset), a drug used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise to treat type 2 diabetes, by taking it exactly as your doctor tells you to. You'll probably start taking the lowest effective dose -- 25 milligrams three times per day -- and gradually increase it over the course of several weeks and months to minimize typical side effects, including stomach pain, gas and diarrhea. You must also follow your doctor's diet and exercise recommendations and test your blood glucose regularly.

Be sure to tell your doctor if you're taking insulin or other diabetes drugs because they may increase the risk for hypoglycemia (a condition in which blood glucose levels drop below normal). Eating regularly (not skipping or delaying meals) and sticking to your usual exercise routine can also reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. Alcohol may lower blood glucose and can result in hypoglycemia, so talk to your doctor about whether you should drink while taking miglitol.

Side effects typically develop in the first few weeks after starting the medication. If you do develop any side effects, talk to your doctor.

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