What should I avoid while taking Celexa?

While taking Celexa (citalopram), an antidepressant medication, you should avoid the following:
  • driving or operating machinery until you know how Celexa affects you. Celexa can cause drowsiness and problems with concentration and decision making.
  • drinking alcohol. This can worsen the side effects of Celexa.
  • taking any new medication or supplement without talking to your doctor first. Some drugs and supplements may interact with Celexa. Because of this, you should also tell your doctor about all your other medications (prescription and over-the-counter) and dietary and herbal supplements before you start Celexa.
  • breastfeeding. Celexa can pass into breast milk and potentially harm a breastfeeding baby.
  • missing appointments. Your doctor will need to monitor you closely, particularly when you are beginning Celexa treatment, to watch for side effects and to see how well you are responding to the medication.
  • taking too much Celexa. You should not take more of this drug than prescribed by your doctor, or take it more frequently.  
  • stopping Celexa abruptly. This may cause you to experience potentially serious withdrawal symptoms. Talk to your doctor if you want to stop taking Celexa. Your doctor may reduce your dose so you can stop taking it gradually.

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