Is it safe for me to take milnacipran during pregnancy?

Probably not. Although milnacipran is not used to treat depression, it belongs to the same class of medications as many antidepressants and there are some concerns about the effect of these ingredients on a developing fetus. As with all drug use during pregnancy, the benefits of a drug must outweigh the risks to both the mother and fetus. Milnacipran has been assigned to pregnancy Category C by the FDA, which means that animal studies indicate that milnacipran may be harmful. Milnacipran has not been fully studied in pregnant women.

The drug does cross the placenta to reach the fetus, and if the fetus is exposed during the last few weeks of pregnancy it is possible that there will be problems with breathing, feeding, irritability and jitters. Symptoms may be from the effects of the drug or withdrawal from the drug that occurs after delivery.

It is important to tell your doctor if you are planning to become pregnant or become pregnant while you are taking milnacipran. The manufacturer has asked pregnant patients to voluntarily join a pregnancy registry for patients taking this medicine.

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