What are the side effects of oxcarbazepine?

Side effects of the anticonvulsant drug oxcarbazepine, a drug prescribed for certain types of seizures, may include: indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, vision or speech problems, sleepiness or fatigue, trouble concentrating; mental sluggishness, feeling uncoordinated or off-balance, rash, trembling, or shaking. Immediately call your doctor if you notice symptoms of a potentially deadly electrolyte imbalance, including: nausea or vomiting, insatiable thirst, lack of appetite, pain or weakness in the muscles, headache, feeling confused, hallucinations, and seizures that are worse or more frequent. You should also alert your doctor right away if you notice: depression or anxiety; agitation or hostility; restlessness; mental or physical hyperactivity; suicidal thoughts; other behavior or mood changes; yellowed eyes or skin; flu-like symptoms, such as swollen glands and fever; bruising or bleeding easily; weakness that is unusual; scant or absent urine; a red, blistering, and a peeling rash with headache and sore throat. If you have the following symptoms of an allergic reaction, get emergency medical attention: hives, trouble breathing, and a swollen throat, tongue, lips, or face.

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