What should I know before taking Sabril?

A primary concern when deciding whether or not to take Sabril (vigabatrin) is the potential for the drug to cause vision problems. It also commonly causes drowsiness, so avoid driving and other activities that may require quick reactions, until you know how it affects you. Memory issues and soreness in the joints may also occur. Those with a history of kidney disease or mood disorders must take extra precautions when using the drug. If you have anemia or a history of substance abuse, talk to your doctor before taking it. Some people have allergic reactions to Sabril, and the drug has also been known to cause changes in mood and mental state that may lead to thoughts of suicide and depression. There are risks associated with taking Sabril during pregnancy, but seizure control is also very important while pregnant. It is best to avoid breast-feeding while on Sabril. While powder forms of Sabril are used to treat infants with infantile spasms, testing has been limited. The amount and timing of medication might need to be altered if there is a potential for drug interactions with any of the following: many over-the-counter pain killers, steroids, phenytoin, hydroxychloroquine, and thioridazine. Talk to your doctor about more possible interactions. Don't stop taking this drug without a doctor's supervision: abrupt discontinuation is dangerous and can increase the severity of seizures.

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