What are the side effects of Lovenox?

Lovenox may cause side effects in some people. If you have an allergic reaction to Lovenox, you should get medical attention immediately. Signs of an allergic reaction include these: breathing difficulties; hives; burning or itching skin; and swelling of the tongue, throat, face, or lips. Other serious side effects include the following: easy bruising; red or purple spots under the skin; bloody or black bowel movements; bleeding in the mouth, nose, rectum, or vagina; bleeding from needle injections or wounds; any bleeding that does not let up; lightheadedness; shortness of breath; fast heart rate; pale skin; concentration difficulties; confusion; speech difficulties; vision abnormalities; balance problems; intense headaches; sudden weakness; loss of mobility in any part of the body; breathing difficulties; muscle weakness; tingling; numbness; coughing up blood; and coughing up vomit that resembles coffee grounds. Side effects from Lovenox that are less serious include fever; swelling in the hands or feet; diarrhea; nausea; and irritation, pain, swelling, or redness in the area of injection.

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