What are the side effects of Arixtra?

There are many side effects of Arixtra (fondaparinux). The most common side effects include: insomnia; mild bleeding; rash; itching at the site of injection; and irritation. More severe side effects include: breathing difficulty, tightness in the chest, fever and fainting spells. Severe allergic skin reactions include: lips, face and tongue swelling. Other severe side effects include: internal bleeding; black, bloody, tar-like stools; stomach pain; back pain; confusion; weakness on one side; loss of appetite; pink or red urine; pale skin; abnormal bruising and nosebleeds; difficulty walking; heavy bleeding during menstruation; frequent drainage from a wound; severe tiredness and weakness; constant dizziness; headaches; ankle, feet or hand swelling; tingling in hands and feet; slurred speech; vomit that resembles coffee grounds; and nausea.

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