When should I call the doctor while on anticoagulant injections?

Call the doctor if you notice these symptoms while taking anticoagulant injections:

    • excessive bruising other than at injection sites (some bruising at
       injection sites is normal)

    • abnormal bleeding from the nose or gums

    • pink, red, or dark brown urine

    • minor bleeding or bright red blood from the bowel

    • increased menstrual bleeding

Call 911 or go to the hospital if you have:

    • a sudden, bad headache and stiff neck

    • black, tarry, and smelly loose bowel movements

    • red or bloody bowel movements

    • sudden dizziness, faintness, or weakness

    • sudden pain in a joint (like an ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder,
       or hip)

    • cloudy vision that comes on suddenly

    • cold or numbness in your arm or leg

    • sudden chest pain – with or without shortness of breath

    • trouble talking, or trouble moving one side of your body

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