What should I know about nitrofurantoin before taking it?

Nitrofurantoin can make people drowsy. Do not drive or perform other tasks until you know how the medication affects you. This side effect is made worse by alcohol or over-the-counter medications that also cause drowsiness. They should not be combined with nitrofurantoin. Strange sensations in the hands or feet such as tingling, numbing, or burning can be signs of nerve problems and need to be reported to your doctor.

In rare cases, Nitrofurantoin can cause severe and even fatal problems with the lungs, liver, or nerves. In the case of lung problems, these usually occur after taking the drug for at least six months and may not be associated with any symptoms. If you are taking nitrofurantoin over a long period, your doctor may test your lungs to make sure they are functioning properly. Symptoms that may arise with lung problems include difficulty breathing and flu-like symptoms. Symptoms of a liver disorder include jaundiced skin or eyes, extreme nausea, lack of appetite, and pale feces. 

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