What are the side effects of tobramycin?

Side effects of using tobramycin may include: diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, nausea, redness pain and swelling at the injection site. These are common side effects, but if they persist you need to call your doctor. Severe side effects include: an allergic reaction to tobramycin with symptoms of swelling in the throat, tongue or lips, trouble breathing, tightness in the chest and/or rash and itching. If you experience these symptoms, seek emergency medical assistance by calling 911. If you experience other severe side effects, such as clumsiness; confusion; hearing loss; dizziness; vertigo; fever; chills; sore throat; muscle weakness, numbness or a tingling feeling; skin that becomes, red, blistered or peeling; ringing in your ears; roaring in your ears; seizures; unusual bleeding or bruising; or a vaginal discharge, contact your doctor immediately. Granulocytopenia (a decrease in certain white blood cells), thrombocytopenia (a decrease in certain red blood cells) and anemia (decrease in iron) have also been reported as side effects of using tobramycin.