What are the side effects of Cubicin?

You may experience side effects from an allergy to Cubicin or from Cubicin itself. Seek immediate medical attention if have an allergic reaction, such as swollen tongue, throat, lips or face; hives; rash; chest pain or tightness; itching; or breathing problems. Serious side effects from Cubicin requiring emergency medical attention include: stomach cramps; swelling; runny or bloody bowel movements; changes in urine habits; pain or burning during urination; severe or lasting diarrhea; feeling abnormally tired and weak; fever; pale or easily bruised skin; muscle pain; and numbness or a tingling sensation. Cubicin also may cause other common side effects that do not require immediate medical attention. These may include nausea; insomnia; redness, pain or swelling at the injection site; minor diarrhea; dizziness; constipation; headaches; vomiting; sweating; loss of appetite; cough; anxiety; confusion; back pain; mild rash; or sore throat.

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