What are the side effects of gentamicin injection pediatric?

Iris Rodriguez-Johnson, MD

One must use caution when using Gentamicin injection Pediatric. It may cause nephrotoxicity or damage to the kidneys and ototoxicity or damage to the inner ear. One has to monitor the peak and trough levels or levels of the drug in the blood stream in order to prevent this from happening. Also of course you have to monitor for any allergy to the medication.

Common side effects of gentamicin injection pediatric include: loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst and rash. In rare cases, gentamicin may lead to severe allergic reactions, marked by difficulty breathing, swelling in the face or throat and hives. If your child develops these symptoms, call 911 for emergency medical attention. Gentamicin also  can cause kidney or nerve problems. Call your child's doctor without delay if you notice the following: muscle weakness, seizures, numbness, ringing in the ears, hearing loss or changes in urine production in your child. Gentamicin also can lead to oral thrush. Contact the doctor if your child develops white patches in the mouth or on the tongue. Additional side effects are possible. Talk to your doctor if any new or unusual symptoms develop while your child is using gentamicin.

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