How do I use Advair HFA?

You will take Advair HFA through an inhaler. The first time you use a new inhaler, you will need to prime it: shake it several times and then pump a few test sprays into the air to make sure it is ready to go. Before every use, shake the canister for five seconds.

Unless your doctor gave you different instructions, exhale as much you can, then place the mouthpiece between your lips. Take a slow, deep breath while pressing the mouthpiece and canister together to release the medication. Keep inhaling as long you can and then slowly exhale through your nose or pursed lips.

If you are supposed to take a second dose, wait 30 seconds, shake the inhaler again and repeat the process.

When you are completely done, rinse out your mouth with water and spit out the solution. Do not swallow it.

Always remember to put the cap back over the mouthpiece and to clean your inhaler once a week.

One canister will deliver 120 sprays. You should keep track of how many you have used and throw it away when you reach 120, even if it seems like there is more medicine left in the canister.

Do not take doses more often than your doctor has recommended. And do not stop using it without your doctor's approval, even if you feel better. If you have questions, talk with your doctor.

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