What are some of the brand names for benzoyl peroxide?

Benzoyl peroxide is available through several different manufacturers. Products are available in cleansing liquids or bars, cream, gels, lotions or cleansing pads, and are either over the counter or require a prescription. Some of the brand names for benzoyl peroxide are:
  • Acne-Clear (over the counter)
  • BenzEFoam (prescription)
  • Brevoxyl (prescription)
  • Clear By Design (prescription)
  • Clearasil (over the counter)
  • Del-Aqua (prescription)
  • Fostex (prescription)
  • Lavoclen (prescription)
  • NeoBenz (prescription) 
  • Neutrogena (over the counter)
  • Oxy 10 (over the counter)