Who should not receive Flagyl IV?

People with allergies to the ingredients in Flagyl IV or similar antibiotics should not receive Flagyl IV. People who take ergot alkaloids, alcohol-containing HIV protease inhibitors, busulfan or who have taken disulfiram in the last 14 days should not receive Flagyl IV. Those who drink alcohol or who are in their first trimester of pregnancy also should not receive it. Women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy and women who are breastfeeding women should discuss with their doctors the risks they would be taking by receiving Flagyl IV. Those over 65 years of age and parents of children with bacterial infections, should do the same. You should talk to your doctor about any conditions you have or have had in the past, especially Crohn's disease, seizures, swollen extremities or any problems with your blood, brain, nerves, liver or heart and allergies. Tell your doctor about all current medications and supplements you are using before receiving Flagyl IV.

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