What should I know about trimetrexate glucuronate before taking it?

It is important that trimetrexate glucuronate not be injected along with solutions containing chloride. Trimetrexate glucuronate must be administered with the drug leucovorin to avoid life-threatening side effects. Trimetrexate glucuronate should not come into contact with skin, and if it does, you must thoroughly wash the skin for several minutes with hot water and soap. Pregnant women should not use trimetrexate glucuronate. People with a history of kidney or liver disease, or low platelets or blood cells, should use trimetrexate glucuronate with caution, as should nursing women. If you take trimetrexate glucuronate, it is likely that you will need frequent blood tests so your doctor can monitor your health. Drugs that may interact with trimetrexate glucuronate include zivovudine, any live vaccines, liver enzyme inducers or inhibitors, and drugs that affect the liver or kidneys. Make sure to tell your doctor about all medications and supplements you are taking before starting trimetrexate glucuronate.

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