What are the side effects of fosamprenavir calcium?

Potential side effects of fosamprenavir calcium include diarrhea, headache, nausea, and vomiting. A serious side effect of fosamprenavir calcium is the development of a life-threatening rash, which may be accompanied by blisters, mouth sores, fever, and flu-like symptoms. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical assistance. Fosamprenavir calcium increases your risk for diabetes and can exacerbate existing diabetes. Fosamprenavir calcium, like other human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) medications, can result in a fat redistribution, increasing fat at the waist, the upper back, and breasts, while decreasing fat in the face, arms, and legs. Some side effects of fosamprenavir calcium cannot be anticipated. If you experience an unexpected change, talk to your doctor.

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