What should I know about enfuvirtide before taking it?

You should know that enfuvirtide can increase risk of pneumonia. If you develop a cough or fever, shortness of breath or rapid breathing, you should contact a doctor immediately because these may be signs of pneumonia. Enfuvirtide should only be used in combination with other medications for HIV/AIDS. This is because single use of enfuvirtide can allow the virus to become resistant to it. Always follow your doctor's instructions on dosing exactly. You will need to be tested regularly to make sure that the medication is working properly. Do not miss any appointments. If you develop a cough, flu symptoms, severe pain, irritation, skin changes, chills, skin changes, or fever, then you should contact your doctor immediately. Be sure that you know how this medication affects you before driving after taking it. Enfuvirtide can potentially cause dizziness. People who are taking blood thinners or have a bleeding or blood clotting disorder should possibly not take enfuvirtide.

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