What are the side effects of Kaletra tablets?

Kaletra tablets may cause some side effects that are annoying but not dangerous. These include a mild skin rash; mild diarrhea, nausea, vomiting or stomach upset; mood changes, headaches and weakness; a tingling sensation or numbness, most commonly around the mouth; or changes in the way your body fat looks or is located. Talk to your doctor if any of these persist or become severe. Seek emergency care or call 911 if you experience an allergic reaction to Kaletra, characterized by breathing difficulties, hives, itchy rash or swelling in your throat, mouth or face. Kaletra can also cause more serious side effects. See your doctor right away if you experience unusually easy bleeding or bruising; extreme thirst with increased urination; dizziness or fainting; rapid or pounding heart rate; a low fever with loss of appetite, pale stools, dark-colored urine and jaundice; any sign of a new infection, such as cold- or flu-like symptoms; fever with a headache, sore throat and peeling or blistering red skin; or a sharp pain in the upper stomach or back with vomiting, nausea and rapid heart rate.

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