What should I know about delavirdine mesylate before taking it?

Delavirdine mesylate is the same as delavirdine. Before taking delavirdine you need to understand that the medication is not intended to cure HIV or AIDS. You will still suffer from the infection while on the medication, and you must use caution, as it is still possible to spread this infection to others. You also need to know that delavirdine is capable of causing allergic reaction, as well as interactions with other drugs like Xanax, Orap and Halcion. Some interactions can be fatal. You should also understand that certain diseases, like liver disease or high cholesterol, can cause complications when taking the drug. Finally, doctors do not know whether there is a risk to a fetus if pregnant women take delavirdine. You should make sure you talk to your doctor about all health conditions, including pregnancy, before taking delavirdine.

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