How soon will lamivudine, nevirapine, and zidovudine improve my symptoms?

When LNZ (lamivudine, nevirapine, and zidovudine) will help your symptoms improve may depend on a lot of factors. How early the HIV virus was detected and how healthy you are at the start of treatment can make a difference. Making sure you take your medicine on time every day will help to fight the virus and improve your symptoms. You may have reactions to the combination you are taking and may have to switch your medications around, so it may take a little time to find the combination that is just right for you. You will need to get various blood tests to see how your immune system is functioning and if it is responding to the drugs. And even if the viral level of HIV is reduced and you are feeling better, you must continue to take your medications to keep the disease in check. LNZ should help treat the symptoms, but it is not a cure for HIV. You will need some sort of treatment for the rest of your life.

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