What names is lamivudine sold under?

Lamivudine is marketed in the United States differently depending on whether it is intended to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or the hepatitis B virus (HBV). In the US, it is sold as Epivir for HIV and Epivir HBV for HBV. In Canada, it comes as 3TC or Heptovir. Lamivudine is under patent in the US.

Combination products that contain lamivudine, plus another drug, are also available. The FDA has approved a generic version of fixed-dose tablets of abacavir, plus lamivudine (3TC), 600 mg./300 mg., equivalent to brand name Epzicom (known as Kivexa outside the US). On May 25, 2011, the FDA granted approval for a generic formulation fixed dose combination of lamivudine, plus zidovudine tablets, 150 mg./300 mg., equivalent to the brand name Combivir.

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