The Best Reason to Look Younger

If you don't look a day older than the age on your driver's license, that could mean a longer life for you.

A study of elderly adult twins showed a connection between looks and longevity. The younger looking of each pair was more likely to outlive his or her doppelganger.

Pictures of Health
Yep, seems like a healthy lifestyle just might show up on your face—and help you live longer, too. In the study, volunteers looked at photos of twins and tried to guess their ages. Seven years later, the twins who were guessed to be older had the higher mortality rate. (Is your skin older than it should be? Take this quick quiz to find out.)

What's DNA Got to Do with It?
The fresh-faced twins had something else going for them: longer telomeres -- those protective little coverings on the ends of DNA that dictate how soon cells will die. As we get older, our telomeres get shorter, making them a pretty good marker of cellular aging. The good news is that there's plenty you can do to keep your telomeres long and boost your odds of a long life.