If I am pregnant, is it safe to use Helidac Therapy?

Helidac Therapy is not recommended for pregnant women. Helidac Therapy is a combination of drugs used to treat peptic ulcers. One of the antibiotic medications included in Helidac Therapy, metronidazole, is known to cross the placental barrier between the mother and developing fetus. In one study, pregnant mice injected with metronidazole miscarried. It's not known whether metronidazole would have the same effect on pregnant women.

Another antibiotic used in Helidac Therapy, tetracycline, can cause birth defects when given to pregnant women, and can affect developing teeth in the fetus, eventually producing damaged, discolored permanent teeth. In addition, pregnant women with kidney disease may develop tetracycline-associated liver failure when on Helidac Therapy. If you become pregnant while on Helidac Therapy, tell your doctor immediately.

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