Who is the ideal patient for a valve sparing aneurysm repair?

Mark J. Russo, MD
Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular)

When the aorta is dilated, but the aortic valve is structurally otherwise normal, the aorta can be replaced ("root replacement") while preserving the aortic valve ("valve sparing"). This avoids the need for a valve replacement with an artificial valve. Thus offering the possibility for a more durable repair, as well as avoiding the potential need for blood thinning medication. 

This approach also known as the David Procedure is a significant advance in aortic surgery. It is a highly advanced technique that requires special expertise and equipment. It should only be performed by experienced centers on well-selected patients.

The ideal patient for this procedure is a patient whose abdominal aorta is approximately 5 cm in diameter and whose aortic valve functions fairly well.

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