What is Alcaine?

Alcaine is a prescription medication that's used to numb the eye during certain medical procedures. It may be used before the removal of stitches or foreign objects from the eye, before certain diagnostic tests and before some surgeries, including cataract removal. Alcaine is a type of drug called a local anesthetic, which works by affecting the nerves to numb the area and decrease pain. Alcaine comes as a liquid eye drop that's applied to the affected eye, usually a few minutes before a medical procedure. To use Alcaine you should first wash your hands, then remove contact lenses (if you wear them). Tilt your head back, pull your lower eyelid away from your eye, and drop the liquid in. Close your eye and apply pressure to the inside corner of your eyelid for a few minutes. Always use the amount of Alcaine your doctor recommends, and only for the amount of time as directed by your doctor. Talk to your doctor to determine whether Alcaine is right for you.

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