Why might my child have regional anesthesia during surgery?

It has become possible to provide pain relief to specific areas of the body rather than give general anesthesia that causes unconsciousness. For example, if your child is having foot surgery, it is possible to eliminate the feeling of pain in only the foot, either with a local injection of an anesthetic or by regional anesthesia. The most common type of regional anesthesia used in children is called epidural anesthesia. This is very similar to the anesthesia used for childbirth when local anesthesia is injected into the back or tailbone region. Intravenous sedation or inhaled anesthetic agents may be combined with a regional anesthetic. This combination may allow the anesthesiologist to give less general anesthesia. Another advantage is that regional anesthesia is often used to provide pain relief after surgery. Your anesthesiologist can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of regional anesthesia with you.

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