How is an anesthesia monitor used?

Bispectral index monitoring(BIS) is used to assess the level of consciousness, depth of anesthesia. The BIS monitor electrodes is often placed on the forehead and monitors brain activity during surgery. It assists with medication and anesthesia dosing to provide comfort, lack of awareness and relaxation.  

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How long does an epidural last?
West Hills Hospital & Medical CenterWest Hills Hospital & Medical Center
An epidural can go on indefinitely, since the medication can be refilled.
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What type of anesthesia is used for a breast reduction?
Stuart A. Linder, MDStuart A. Linder, MD
We use general anesthesia for our breast reduction surgeries. This is an invasive surgery which requ...
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Can I choose the anesthesiologist for my surgery?
Betty Long, RN, MHABetty Long, RN, MHA
If you are scheduled to have surgery, it's likely that your surgeon will determine where you will be...
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What job does an anesthesiologist perform during surgery?
An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor trained to administer the medications that will take you "un...
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