Can testosterone cream increase libido?

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    If you're experiencing a decrease in libido, you may be experiencing a drop in your own androgen levels. Your doctor can prescribe small doses of a testosterone cream or a pill called Estratest, which combines estrogen with libido-increasing testosterone. (Ask your doc to modify this if you are taking an estrogen for hormone replacement therapy.) The cream is applied around the vagina, on the skin, or as drops under the tongue because that's how the large molecules are best absorbed. (If taken orally, the enzymes in the stomach might destroy the hormone before absorption takes place.)
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    While Testosterone is related to libido, A thorough evaluation is necessary prior to committing to a course of treatment that may lead to biological dependence on testosterone products. The hormonal system is in a sophisticated balance therefore increasing testosterone will inevitably lead to decreased production by your body. This is not the best way to go about treating libido although in rare cases may be necessary. You have to decide, do I want the best way or the easiest way. Best way involves time, work, and emotional exploration. Taking medicine whether pills, shots or creams is easier but never reaches the benefit gained from the "Best Way" approach.
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