How do I manage daily living after having an amputation?

Guillermo J. Bernal, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
There are several things to consider when managing daily living after an amputation. Above-knee amputation versus a below-knee amputation makes a big difference in how you’re going to rehabilitate and function day to day. We also have to consider comorbidities, or other conditions – such as ulcers, wounds or peripheral vascular disease on the remaining limb and if you have other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.
Also, what is the home situation – do you have to do stairs? Can you fit a wheel chair in your home? There are multiple issues that need to be looked at and evaluated.
In general, after an amputation, we need to wait for the amputation to heal and then you will start in-patient therapy for pre-prosthetic training. When you’re discharged, you will receive home care and outpatient therapy. By going through these therapies, you will learn how to manage your daily living activities.
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Living with an amputation can be a challenge both physically and emotionally. Physical therapy and exercise can help you regain strength and balance. If you have an artificial limb, practicing with it will help you learn how to manage daily activities confidently and independently. If you are experiencing pain, your doctor may be able to provide pain medication. Or, if you are feeling a sense of loss, counseling might be right for you.

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