How can amenorrhea be prevented?

Because amenorrhea can be caused by a number of different conditions, it can be unavoidable sometimes, as with genetic disorders and some medication. However, lasting amenorrhea can cause long-term problems such as osteoporosis, or bone loss, which is usually associated with menopause. The best way to prevent amenorrhea is to work to maintain a healthy weight through a balance of nutrition and exercise. This allows your body to distribute hormones and nutrition fairly, which keeps your body functioning properly. Stress management is also beneficial to avoiding amenorrhea and preventing sickness. It is also helpful to record when your menstruation cycle occurs, so you can evaluate the cause of any irregularities.

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Amenorrhea is characterized by a complete lack of menstrual cycles. This may appear as primary amenorrhea, which is the lack of menstruation before age 16. Secondary amenorrhea occurs in women who have had normal menstrual cycles ...

that have stopped for six months or more. A very long list of reasons exists for amenorrhea, and a doctor will run multiple tests to diagnose the cause. Amenorrhea can be treated with drugs and/or surgery. Sometimes amenorrhea can be remedied if you make changes to your lifestyle habits like taking care of your mental health and/or getting to a healthier weight. If you experience the symptoms of amenorrhea, contact a doctor for further advice.

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