How can amenorrhea affect my quality of life?

Most women with amenorrhea experience anxiety because they are unsure of its cause, but amenorrhea does not usually indicate a life-threatening condition. However, if your amenorrhea is ignored and the cause of it is not determined, the cause may have serious long term affects on your body. For instance, amenorrhea can be an indication of malnutrition and if it is ignored, you may experience bone loss, muscle loss, or continued hormonal imbalance. Excessive exercise, starvation, or bulimia can prevent the ovaries from producing estrogen, which in turn prevents ovulation.

Amenorrhea can also indicate a few conditions which can cause infertility, such as genetic disorders, birth defects, some injuries, or premature menopause. It is best to talk to your doctor about your amenorrhea to determine the cause and discuss treatment options.

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