What are the benefits of taking part in an Alzheimer's clinical trial?

A benefit of participating in a clinical trial pertaining to Alzheimer's disease is that a person may experience some benefit from the new treatment in the delay or possible improvement of symptoms of Alzheimer's. The bigger benefits are more global in that the trial will hopefully help those who have not yet developed Alzeheimer's.

It's important to understand that clinical trials are a fundamental part of getting new treatments to people and are especially important for Alzheimer's disease drugs. Tests of Alzheimer's disease treatments in animals have not been predictive of the results in humans, except in a few rare cases. Clinical trials can provide benefit to both the person with Alzheimer's and future generations: They provide people an opportunity to get a new drug earlier than would otherwise be possible, and participants may contribute to the advancement of drugs that help other people.

Because Alzheimer's disease occurs more frequently in women than in men, women's participation in clinical research is particularly important.

However, participants should remember that there is no guarantee that the investigational drug in a clinical trial will ultimately prove to be beneficial—and all drugs have side effects. If clinical trials interest you or a loved one, make sure to discuss participation with your healthcare provider and the staff running the clinical trial to determine which clinical trial, if any, is right.

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