How can acupressure and acustimulation help prevent nausea?

Patricia Raymond, MD
Stimulation of P6, the Neiguan point, has been used in acupuncture for at least 3,000 years for relief of severe nausea and vomiting. Without resorting to needles, acupressure and acustimulation use pressure and electric current rather than needles into established acupuncture sites, so you may able to use it for yourself without becoming a pincushion.

The inexpensive C-bands can be purchased at many marine and boating stores.

The ReliefBand is an FDA-approved watch-like device that provides electrical stimulation to the P6 region for improvement in chemotherapy induced nausea. Studies reveal varied results, but the ReliefBand in addition to medications does show benefit in potentiating the drugs.

So, the next time you consider prayers to the porcelain god, first step is regurgitation evaluation if the cause isn’t obvious. But then, toss the drowsy drugs, and try acupressure first. Even if you need the meds, this well-studied complimentary therapy may prove a useful adjunct.

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