Can cupping help me lose weight?

Henry McCann, DAOM
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Cupping is a common therapy used by acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners. In Chinese medicine cupping is most commonly used in treating various types of pain, although it can also be used with conditions such as coughing or other respiratory problems.

Cupping is generally not the first therapy of choice in Chinese medicine for weight loss, although it is possible it may be used in combination with other modalities. The best option for patients is to consult with a licensed acupuncturist who will evaluate the best methods for treatment. By itself, cupping is not usually used to lose weight.

Maoshing Ni, PhD, LAc
Geriatric Medicine
Cupping, like acupuncture, is a modality used by a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner to assist in delivering a treatment. Cupping is not dangerous, though with all medical practices, it depends on the use and proficiency of the practitioner. Depending on the diagnosis your physician has made, cupping may be used in conjunction with acupuncture and herbs. Remember to make sure you seek a licensed acupuncturist and not self-administer these treatments.

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