Why should I write in a journal about my cancer?

Writing in a journal is a very private way of becoming more aware of how you feel about your cancer experience. When using journaling to help you cope, find a blank book, and choose a focus for your writing. This will depend upon where you are in the process of accepting the changes in your life.

You may want to write in a quiet place. At first, a blank page can feel intimidating. However, writing for a short time every day is a good place to start.

Consider writing about topics such as the following:
  • How do I feel each time I go for a medical appointment?
  • How did it feel when I told my loved ones I had cancer?
  • What do I hope will change in my life after cancer?
  • What do I like about the new me?
  • What do I miss from my life before cancer?
  • What opportunities for positive changes come with cancer?

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