What are the negative effects of alcohol on a woman's health?

Celeste Robb-Nicholson
Internal Medicine
For women, at more than one drink a day, you increase your risk of cancers of the breast, head and neck, and digestive system; hypertension; stroke; and car accidents. At higher levels of consumption, the risk of pancreatic and liver disease and neurological disorders rises.

Women are more sensitive to alcohol than men because their bodies produce less of an enzyme that breaks down alcohol in the stomach before it's absorbed into the blood. Moreover, women's bodies have a lower proportion of water (which dilutes alcohol) to fat (which retains it) than men's. Alcohol therefore remains in the female system at higher concentrations for longer periods of time, and has more contact with the brain and other organs. At the same level of alcohol consumption, women become intoxicated faster, develop addiction earlier, and suffer health damage sooner than men.

Alcohol's effects become more insidious as women age, because the body's water-to-fat ratio declines over the years. Even though you may be drinking the same amount as when you were younger, each drink packs a bigger wallop. Women may be more likely than men to develop alcohol-related problems that are mistakenly attributed to aging, such as depression, sleep disruptions, poor eating, heart failure, and frequent falls. Women over 65 are also more likely than men to use medications for anxiety and depression, which can have dangerous interactions with alcohol.

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